Silk Road Professionals

Our team firmly believes that basic IT knowledge proves beneficial at every life stage. Early exposure allows children to explore different programming languages, technologies, and platforms, fostering creativity and independence. Programming skills enhance children’s information analysis, critical thinking skills and design acumen, including improved ability to compose colors and arrange objects effectively.


In April 2021, Silk Road Professionals began a partnership with IT Run Kids programming school to equip children aged 9-15 with essential IT knowledge and skills. 


Students from Khujand, Tajikistan and the surrounding district participated in a 4-month programming course to familiarize themselves with computer basics and to master the use of Scratch to create games, GIFs, and cartoons. They delved into App Inventor, learning how to design Android apps and to execute their own projects. All students successfully completed the course, which culminated in a presentation of their projects to teachers and parents.