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Staff Augmentation

With staff augmentation, our experienced .net and full-stack developers join your existing software development team to deliver projects on time and within budget. 


Benefits of Staff Augmentation with SRP

Enhanced Communication

Staff augmentation promotes heightened communication between our programmers and your team as they collaborate on a project.

Ideal for Long-Term Partnerships

Staff augmentation is designed for sustained teamwork, ensuring consistent and valuable support for your projects.

Team Integration

Our staff augmentation services allow for seamless integration of our remote team with your in-house engineers to ensure efficiency throughout the entire development process.


With Silk Road Professionals’ outsourcing model, the client provides all project requirements and tech stack guidelines, while we offer team leadership, project grooming and quality assurance. 

Benefits of Outsourcing with SRP

Short-Term Project Solution

Our outsourcing services are ideal for short-term projects, providing agile solutions that meet specific needs within a defined timeframe.

Gain Expertise Without Hiring

A great option if your company lacks its own programmers, our outsourcing services offer access to specialists without the need for in-house hiring.

Perfect for MVPs and Startups

Outsourcing is a good choice for integration projects, MVPs, prototyping, and startups, as it offers tailored solutions and fosters efficient project development.

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