Silk Road Professionals

Team Overview

At Silk Road Professionals, we are dedicated to cultivating an environment
where all employees can thrive and forge lifelong connections.

In-House Teams

Our in-house teams are made up of dedicated professionals driving our mission forward. From our visionary leaders to our talented developers and creative marketers, each team helps to bring Silk Road Professional’s mission to reality.

Executive Team: Abbos Kamolov (CFO), Mirzodaler Muhsinzoda (SRP Tajikistan CEO), James Wenger (SRP US Director)
Team Leaders' Meeting
SRP Fusion Team
Nucleus Team
Paragon Team Members
Project Analysis
MRA Internal Team Working with Interns
Gait Analysis Team Members
Solar Panel Project Team Members
Accounting Team
Nebula Squad
IT & Facilities and Social Relations Teams

Team Building Activities

At the core of Silk Road Professional’s culture is trust. Together, we engage in team-building activities designed to foster this trust and forge a sense of unity. From outdoor adventures to collaborative workshops, each event helps team members to connect on a personal level and work together more effectively. By promoting teamwork, communication, and mutual respect, our team-building initiatives ensure that we are not just colleagues but a cohesive community committed to our shared mission.

Office Recreational Activities
Team Hackathon Dedicated to SRP's 10th Anniversary
Problem Solving Exercises
Annual Family Retreat