Silk Road Professionals

From February 6 to April 26, 2024, Silk Road Professionals organized a comprehensive three-month IT internship program. The course was tailored for aspiring .NET developers in collaboration with USAID’s Future Growth Initiative (USAID/FGI) Project in Tajikistan.  

The internship attracted 34 qualified candidates who applied to participate. All applications underwent meticulous review via our internal platform, MRA Jobs (, which was itself developed by some of our previous interns.  

Of the 34 applicants, 6 were selected based on their exemplary performance during interviews, robust soft skills, and demonstrated technical expertise. Two of these applicants had previously interned with SRP and were thus selected for an advanced training program tailored to their professional growth. 

Recognizing the importance of foundational skills, SRP arranged a comprehensive month-long training course on Udemy to ensure that the interns were proficient in the latest technologies prior to working on practical assignments. 

Upon completing the online training, the interns began developing an internal project called “Office Assets Management”, aimed at tracking SRP’s assets. The project was developed from scratch in response to the needs expressed by SRP’s employees and in alignment with our commitment to operational excellence. 

The Office Assets Management project adhered to Agile Scrum methodology, allowing the interns to navigate the intricacies of project development and contribute to more efficient task execution. At the end of the program, the 6 interns successfully presented an MVP version of their project. 

As a result of the internship, each participant gained skills in working with NoSQL databases, Clean Architecture development, modern UI|UX through Blazor, Agile|Scrum practices, and high-load server usage with ASP.NET Web API. 


2.2.1. Action/Project is implemented with the financial support of USAID’s Future Growth Initiative (USAID/FGI) Project in Tajikistan. 

2.2.2. Action/Project is implemented within the framework of USAID’s Future Growth Initiative’s Co-Financing Program (USAID/FGI).