Silk Road Professionals

Who We Are

Committed to Building Trust Every Step of the Way

Since 2013, Silk Road Professionals has been building trust between teams of Central Asian programmers and Western software development companies through delivering high-quality software on time, within budget and with clear communication during development. 

We take pride in building cross-cultural relationships and facilitating international collaborations through our staff augmentation and outsourcing services.

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International Team

At Silk Road Professionals, our cultural knowledge enables us to communicate across the globe. We work with clients from various countries, employ multiple personnel from America and Europe, and regularly send our programmers abroad for trainings and internships.


Equipping software development teams in Central Asia to drive clients to new levels of success through staff augmentation and outsourcing services offered at high value and low cost.


Building trust between programming teams in Central Asia and international clients by delivering quality software on time, within budget and with clear communication.

Our Values

Agile Development

We extend Agile principles beyond software development by encouraging iterative development, continuous feedback, and a collaborative mindset among teams.


We strive to write clean, efficient and maintainable code and to embed quality control into the entire organization.


We are committed to providing our programmers with the tools and environment they need to maintain high productivity.

Continual Growth

We foster a culture of ongoing development, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices.

Intrinsic Control

We empower our employees to reach their full potential by fostering a culture of personal responsibility, individual initiative, and integrity.


We value diversity, equality and cultural richness, building trust across borders through open communication and an attitude of learning.

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