Silk Road Professionals

At Silk Road Professionals, we believe in the power of community and the positive impact we can create when we come together. Our team is pleased to be partnering with .NET Community Tajikistan to support the inaugural .NET Conference in Khujand.  

With over 80 attendees, .NET Conf 2023 Khujand served as a platform for discussions on the latest developments in .NET technologies. The active engagement of participants and the expertise of our speakers alike contributed to the conference’s success. Speakers at this year’s conference included: 

  • Dilshod KomilovPresentation: Welcome to .NET 8  
  • Javokhir AvlikhojaevPresentation: Exploring Native AOT in ASP.NET with .NET8  
  • Doniyor NiazovPresentation: CI/CD for your .NET App with GitHub and Azure  
  • Usmonjon NurmatovPresentation: Building Modern Windows apps with WinUI 3 with .NET  
  • Sherafkan OlimovPresentation: The Power of Blazor 

.NET Conf 2023 took place at the American Space in Khujand, which provided an atmosphere conducive to brainstorming and networking. We are delighted that .NET Conf 2023 allowed for the exchange of ideas and collaboration among .NET specialists and developers from across the country.