Silk Road Professionals


Paragon Computing Solutions LLC has been a respected client since 2019. The developer of the Paradigm ERP family of products, Paragon strives to provide its clients with streamlined operations to seamlessly manage inventory, manufacturing, delivery, and accounting.  

Paragon Computing Solutions connected with Silk Road Professionals seeking additional professional support to achieve several small and mid-sized projects. SRP’s programming teams developed 5 projects according to Paragon’s requirements, with some of these projects already completed and others still being refined.      

This comprehensive mobile app enables communities to efficiently store, manage and share contact details. Directory App provides a user-friendly interface for seamless interaction.  

A cross-platform mobile app integrated with Paradigm ERP apps, it specializes in delivery and task management. Paradigm Mobile App enables offline data usage with synchronization capabilities upon connecting online.

Engine Shop is a web app tailored for managing orders and creating invoices to streamline workflow.

This gateway facilitates accounting processes by providing APIs for seamless integration between Paradigm ERP apps and QuickBooks Online. The project involves multiple microservices for admin panel management, identity functions, webhooks, and asynchronous communication using RabbitMQ. 

Designed for efficient distribution of apps to clients, Installer is comprised of an admin web app for mapping client applications and a client-facing Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app for app selection and automatic updates.