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Inventory Management Mobile App with Flutter

A logistics company was seeking a mobile solution to streamline inventory management processes, handle incoming warehouse shipments, and facilitate order fulfillment. 

Our programmers developed the comprehensive Inventory Management app, using Flutter and leveraging GraphQL to connect with the client’s existing systems. 

Key Features

Inventory Management

Users can easily retrieve information about a listed item’s price, location, and current stock quantity.

Shipment Tracking

The app allows users to easily update orders and track shipments from vendors. 

Fill Orders

This functionality selects items in the warehouse to promptly fill customer orders.

Additional Features

Zebra Barcode Scanner

Integration of a Zebra barcode scanner enhanced the user experience by enabling effortless item search, order fulfillment and shipment processing.

Categorized History Page

A categorized history page provides users with a detailed overview of their recent activities, including last-seen items, shipments received, and orders filled.

The Inventory Management app has significantly improved our client’s warehouse operations through:

 – Reduced manual errors

 – Increased efficiency in order fulfillment

 – Enhanced inventory visibility

  – Decreased fulfillment times 

 – Notable improvement in inventory accuracy 

 – Improved operational metrics

All of this has led to increased customer satisfaction.