Silk Road Professionals

Silk Road Professionals (SRP) strives to create partnerships that will enhance educational and employment opportunities in Central Asia.

In collaboration with the University of Central Asia (UCA), SRP has provided internship opportunities to students from the Computer Science and Communications / Media faculties of UCA’s Naryn campus, allowing the interns to gain valuable skills and experience. 

Since February 2020, SRP has partnered with the Polytechnic Institute of the Tajik Technical University in Khujand. This partnership has encompassed the development of educational programs, skills enhancement training for students, introduction of innovative technologies, and facilitation of IT projects and research. 

In 2021, we began a collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) of Tajikistan to support young professionals and provide work opportunities for youth and women from marginalized communities. Similarly, through membership of the Coalition of Employees of Tajikistan, SRP has committed to developing local talent, implementing recruitment policies, offering internships and providing on-the-job training. 

These partnerships highlight SRP’s dedication to fostering growth and providing opportunities for students and young professionals in Central Asia.